Nineteenth survey about quality of 3DXChat – June 2022

Final results of nineteenth survey about quality of 3DXChat (24.06. to 04.07.2022)

369 users from 41 countries shared their opinion this month. This is more than twice as many participants as in the last survey.

As usual sfter the United states, the Germans again accounted for the largest share of participants.

I would again like to thank everyone who participated and even more those who supported me.

Question 1: Are you facing bugs in 3DXChat? If yes – how often?

About 47% of users are facing bugs on a daily base. This is an decrease of 10% to last survey (March 2022: 57%)

Question 2: What issues/bugs should be addressed first? (up to 3 choices possible)

  • Still “De-syncs” with 29% are the most annoying bug according to all participants.

You may find detailed information here:

Question 3: Are you facing being disconnected? If Yes how often? 

  • 13% of users are facing disconnects every day (March: 18%)

According to the participants the stability has increased since last survey.

Question 4: What feature are you missing most? (up to 3 choices possible)

More “Clothes” and “Sex poses” are very close together as most desired features.

Comments from users:

Question 5: Developers should focus on… 

  • 72 % of users prioritize new functions (March 2022: 61%)

Question 6: Your overall rating for 3DX Chat from 1 (=poor) to 5 (=excellent)

  • 63 % of users rated quality with 4 or 5 points with means usually quite satisfied  ( Ø 3.71 in total ) – Rating decreased since last survey  (March 2022 Ø 3.66 in total )

Question 7: Your overall rating for communication of developers to customers 1 (=poor) to 5 (=excellent)

  • 18% of users rated quality with 4 or 5 points with means usually quite satisfied – Average Ø 2.43 (March 2022: Ø 2.37)

Question 8: Would you recommend 3DXChats to you best kinky friend? (Net Promoter Score)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) or promoter surplus is a key figure that measures the extent to which consumers would recommend a product or service to others

Second evaluated Net Promoter Score of 3DXChat-Game is 0. (March 15)


16% of the users left a comment – less comments as in last survey.

For all interested you may see all comments on the attached document.

2 thoughts on “Nineteenth survey about quality of 3DXChat – June 2022

  1. Trot de bug et souvent en une journée parfois a 4 reprises . plus de pose sexe j’aimerais. plus de chausse au garde-robe. homme et femme . plus de couleur pour écrire rose pour parler romantiquement. ou rouge pour la collaire noir aussi nous avons que le mauve pour les RP sais triste et avoir des émodjiconne sur 3dx


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