Survey February

Why doing surveys?

My survey should give a independend overview about the percieved quality of 3DXChat-Game.  It might help devellopers to improve quality of game.

Are you making money of of your surveys?

No there is no business model behind my surveys.

Are you working for 3DXChat?

No my surveys are made independend – there is no influence of SGD on the surveys.

Like to give me input for my surveys or feedback about it?

Please use this page to give me feedback or suggestions – Thank you!

Find informations and discussions in 3DXChat-forums

4 thoughts on “Survey February

  1. I have played 3DXCHAT for over 5 years now, I enjoy the game and look forward to seeing many more new features and updates. Thank you Developers for your hard work overall .


  2. I’ve been on this game since more than 1 year now and I keep playing it almost everyday, and I’m happy to see that developers are making this survey so we can all let them know what we want and I really hope that this will help them. I’m just hyped to see what the game will looks like in the future (Written by a French person)


  3. First off I know it’s easy sitting on the sideline and commenting on game development when most people in this game have no clue how difficult coding can be and for that I would like to say congrats to Gizmo for making the game what it is. But in saying that I have been around this game for more than 2 years and feel that accept for poses and few clothing items not much has changed. Many of my friends feel like I do that we all need something new a specially for the loyal players that’s been around for ages.Maybe custome clothing or sex poses would do the trick and defenately avatar customisation as sometimes it feels that you walk into a room and all you see is identical twins hanging around.😁Maybe make it so we can actually use xgold for something like get free game time or buy special clothing that way people will actually buy xgold helping the game to grow financialy and get better. Hoping to see some changes soon have fun everyone xx


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