Seventh survey about quality of 3DXChat – December 2020

Final results of seventh survey about quality of 3DXChat (16.12. to 24.12.2020)

First of all, I have received the highest number of votes since I started this surveys in may 2020. 188 users have given their opinion.
I would like to thank everyone who participated and even more those who supported me.
Since there were attempts to manipulate the survey, I had to restart the process with a better software that gives me the ability to detect and remove multiple votes.

Question 1: Are you facing bugs in 3DXChat? If yes – how often?

  • 40% of users are facing bugs every day (November:48%)

Compared to november, fewer bugs are perceived by survey participants. Best result of all my surveys.

Question 2: Are you facing being disconnected? If Yes how often? 

  • 14% of users are facing disconnects every day (Nov.:24%)

Compared to November, fewer disconnections are perceived by the respondents of the survey. This is the best result of all previous polls.

Question 3: What feature are you missing most? (up to 3 choices possible)

This question was added to the survey in November, as in November clothes and poses are the top missing features. Having said this a “pose editor” and more “customizable clothes and hairs” are in a similar category.

Comments from users:

Question 4: Developers should focus on… 

  • 60% of users prioritize new functions (Nov.:43%)

For the first time, the respondents expressed the opinion that new features and not the stability of the game should be the developers’ focus.

Question 5: Your overall rating for 3DX Chat from 1 (=poor) to 5 (=excellent)

  • 62% of users rated quality with 4 or 5 points with means usually quite satisfied  (Ø 3.7 in total – highest score in history of this survey)

Question 6: General comments

For all interested you may see all comments on the attached document.

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