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Extra survey – nasty bugs and desired features…

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Seventeenth survey about quality of 3DXChat – January 2022

Final results of seventeenth survey about quality of 3DXChat (24.01. to 31.01.2022) 243 users have from 38 countries shared their opinion this month. After the United states, the Germans again accounted for the largest share of participants. I would again like to thank everyone who participated and even more those who supported me. Question 1: Are youContinue reading “Seventeenth survey about quality of 3DXChat – January 2022”

About my surveys

Why doing surveys?

My survey should give a independend overview about the percieved quality of 3DXChat-Game.  It might help devellopers to improve quality of game.

Are you making money of of your surveys?

No there is no business model behind my surveys.

Are you working for 3DXChat?

No my surveys are made independend – there is no influence of SGD on the surveys.

Like to give me input for my surveys or feedback about it?

Please use this page to give me feedback or suggestions – Thank you!

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Recommended websites:  (Official Website)  (Tells the actual service status of 3DXChat)

3DXChat is a non-profit virtual organization offering entertainment in a sexual video game. The Munch is in no way connected or related to SexGameDevil or 3DXChat.

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